Friday, 20 August 2010

Nails: I finally got Konad!

Despite having hardly any money left until the end of the month I've been wanting to try Konad for I ordered myself a stamper, scraper, m59 plate and a teeny bottle of special polish from eBay and they all arrived yesterday!

Watch this space for my first attempts...can't wait!


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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

In & Out: August 2010

I've not done and in and out post for a while and, as most of my friends would say, I am the biggest moaner in the world so my 'outs' list should be longer than my 'ins' but I'll try to keep it as equal as possible!


Wedding/Honeymoon Countdown
Even though it is 13 months away (boo hoo) I have well and truly started looking forward to our 3 week-long wedding/honeymoon trip next September. We're going to Toronto, Boston, Cape Cod, New York, Washington and possibly finishing up in Miami. Getting married in Central Park whilst we're in New York and will be met by 6-8 of our nearest and dearest.

I am however quite frustrated that I can't do any of the traditional wedding planning things as we can't even book our flights until January. Thoughts have already started wandering towards my hen do/bachelorette party so watch this space....

Selling stuff on eBay
Recently we've had a huge sort out of our small one bedroomed flat. I gave 4 bags of clothes/shoes/accessories to charity and have or am in the process of selling some other stuff on eBay. We now have so much more space and some spare money to buy grown up things like a rug and a clock (eek does that mean I'm a grown up :()

A week off work with nowhere to go
You may think this is a funny one but I have never intentionally done this. I have had unexpected illnesses that have kept me off work for whole weeks at a time but never when I've been well enough to do anything I want! I suspect I'll end up spending my time cleaning and watching 24 but the dream is there...

Tacky Nails
For some reason recently I have been loving tacky nails. Currently have a spotty design on the go (will post this tonight/tomorrow) and have recently purchased playing card design water decal French tips and a Konad stamping kit so watch out for more tacky NOTD action!


Summer/Autumn/Winter Hybrid Weather
For what seems like months now we have had nothing but muggy, humid grey and rainy weather here in Manchester. Not only does it mean your perfectly straightened hair is a big ball of frizz once you get to work but it also presents some very tricky wardrobe dilemmas. Black tights or clear tights? Full shoes or open toe? Jacket or no jacket? So sick am I of this that I now have to keep a drawer of my desk at work full of shoes and a cardigan/scarf on the back of my chair just in case. Roll on Winter!!

Hard to clean foundation brushes
I am a huge fan of Revlon Colourstay and Maybelline 24hour foundations and by their very nature they are full coverage and long-lasting formulations. That unfortunately means that fully cover and last a long time on your brushes too! If anyone has a foolproof way of cleaning them please comment below.

Well that was a lot more positive than I thought! What are your ins and outs at the moment? Link to your blog below. Here are Hell Candy Makeup's ins and outs of the moment. Love this blog - go subscribe!!


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fashion: Roll On AW10!

After a particularly grey August Thursday today I was cheered up by this fab picture of D&G's AW10 collection.

If you don't crave a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire after seeing this there's something wrong...

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Product Review: Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse & Texturising + Conditioning Gel Spray

As it's a particularly grey and showery Thursday I thought I'd do a product review of something I've been meaning to do for a while.

You may remember a good few weeks ago I attended an Aussie haircare even with the lovel Caroline from Wow & Flutter and in our goodie bags from the night we were given two full size products; the Dual Personality Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse and the Texturising + Conditioning Gel Spray.

I have used each of these 3/4 times since then so I feel it's time to give them a decent enough review. The aim of both of these products is to give the hair more volume, which although mine is naturally curly I still like a bit of volume to take the edge off the straightness :)

My initial thoguhts were that I like the effect of the mousse...gave good root lift and made my hair overall feel thicker. As with most mousse products though the effect is only good the day or day after you wash your hair and aftet that the effect wears off and your hair feels a bit grubby :(

I've found similar effects with the gel spray to be honest. I really wanted to like this as it's a product that I thought would be a little more versatile than the mousse in that you can use it on damp or dry hair...sadly not. Using it on damp hair leaves my roots sticky and feeling like I need to wash it again as soon as it has been blow dried and on dry hair you get the dreaded crispyness!!!

Overall verdict is that I wouldn't repurchase either of these products. Whilst they do have the gorgeous Aussie smell and I have confidence that they're not as drying as regular styling products they just don't do the job for me. I like my styling products to do what they say on the tin whilst still leaving my hair manageable and clean feeling.

Have you tried either of these products? What are your thoughts?

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