Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Life: Anniversary Weekend in Glasgow

A few weekends ago it was our second wedding anniversary so we had a trip up to sunny Glasgow to visit some friends and explore the city.

Here are some photos from my phone from the weekend...

Highlights included breakfast at the lovely Riverhill Cafe on Gordon Street by the station, a lovely Italian dinner at Amarone on Buchannan Street and one of the best curries I've ever had at The Dhabba in Merchant City. Can you tell we like our food!

We also visited the lovely West End area of Hill Head and spent an afternoon at the Kelvingrove museum and gallery.

Have you been to Glasgow? Where you you recommend we go next time?

Katie xx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Life: Summer TV Favourites

Let's start this post of by stating the obvious....My name is Katie and I'm a telly addict! I have always been a massive TV and film watcher. Even as a small child, back when there was no scaremongering about putting small children in front of screens, I used to get up super early and watch a good few hours of TV before my Mum woke up.

Then Saturday night always involved a trip to the video shop (retro!) and I would watch my film, usually something with Care Bears, My Little Pony or the Thriller music video, that evening and again the next morning.

Now that we have set the scene you will understand my current dilemma. Summer is an awful time for TV! Come September/October I usually have over 15 shows on the go at any one time. I will do a separate post on my favourite Autumn/Fall TV shows but for now I wanted to give some love to the shows that have been getting me through the TV wasteland that is the Summer.

Under The Dome

Under The Dome
Image via BBC.co.uk

This Stephen King adaptation is coming to Channel 5 in the UK in the coming weeks. I have been watching this via CBS and I am already hooked after under 10 episodes.

The premise is that a mysterious and impervious dome falls from the sky, covering the once sleepy town of Chster's Mill. Most of the town and some visitors are stuck inside the dome and some of the towns' residents are stuck outside of it.

There are several dodgy and mysterious characters and gradually, episode by episode, we as the viewers start to get more details about the dome, its effects on the people under it and where it might have come from.

I can see this one continuing for a good few series/seasons and I will be right there with it!


Image via: TNT.com

Perception is now in its second season and it shown on TNT in the US. It stars Will & Grace favourite Eric McCormack and 90's teen movie leading lady, Rachael Leigh Cook along with a host of other stars from previous hit shows.

This show focusses on McCormack's character, Dr Daniel Pearce, who is a renowned neuroscience professor who helps former student Rachael Leigh Cook with her complicated FBI cases.

This ticks two of the boxes that I often look for in an easy to watch TV show; procedural, in that it follows the same format from week to week, and crime-based. I love me a crime-based TV show!

King & Maxwell

Image via: MoviePilot.de

King & Maxwell is another TNT drama, but this one is also in its first season. This show stars Rebecca Romjin and John Tenney as two former Secret Service agents who now work as private detectives in Washington DC.

The supporting cast in this show is great, with the quirky genius assistant and the cantankerous FBI agent, they take on cases the authorities wouldn't and often end up in some scrapes.

Again, this is easy watching and the sub-plot isn't too taxing I.e. as a viewer you don't have to remember loads of detail to keep up with what's going on.

Rizzoli & Isles

Image via: ferver-records.com

Last but by no means least is Rizzoli and Isles. Now in its fourth season and starring two recognisable faces, this is another crime-based procedural. The main attraction for this show for me is the friendship between the two main characters. They are both the best in their fields and have a friendship that most of us would 'kill for' (sorry!).

Again the supporting cast is great and the various sub-plots throughout the four seasons have been meaty enough to keep the viewer entertained.

What have you been watching this Summer?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Life: Carrot Cake Cupcakes

After completing the cupcake decorating course at Hey Little Cupcake!, which I talk about here, I wanted to keep the momentum going and try a new recipe with my new skills.

I waited for pay day and popped down to Home Sense, which is TK Maxx's new homeware chain, and picked up a new muffin tin and an icing bag and nozzle set and I was ready to go.

The recipe I used was this one from the BBC website and I found it really easy to follow, even after 10 years without baking a thing.

I didn't add the nuts or dried fruit to the cake mixture but I found that the cinnamon and mixed spice added a lovely twist.

Be aware though that, unless you've got a GIANT muffin tin, this recipe will make loads more than the 12 it states. I got 21 cakes out of this. The frosting though did only top 12 cakes so I have saved some cakes un-frosted for later in the week.

Here are some photos of my first attempt at cucpakes...

** The cook has to taste the goods! **

Have you baked anything recently?

Katie xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fitness: Favourite 'At Home' Workouts

For various reasons, sometimes you just don't feel up to going to the gym. It may be the weekend or you may only have 40 minutes or so to work out and don't feel like trekking all the way to the gym.

In my uni days I used to buy a new workout video (yes video!!) each year and do it in my room in halls as I couldn't afford the gym as a lowly student. I think some of these thrifty habits have stayed because I still like to do the odd workout in my living room now and again.

My favourites at the moment are...

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Workout

Oh Jillian. I shouldn't love you but I do. Ever since her days on Biggest Loser USA and then the ever popular '30 Day Shred', which I actually bought on DVD she has been my at-home fitness guru of choice.

This workout, for those familiar with Jillian's methods, runs along the same lines. There are different routines, each focussing on various parts of the body. This isn't for the faint of heart as it's very high intensity but if you're after something intense to do in your living room, this is the one for you!

Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

Now this is a great one if you haven't got a lot of time and don't want anything too intense. There is a lower intensity workout and only lasts just over 20 minutes so is a great option if you need to squeeze it in in a hurry.

I found this one on the Be Fit channel on You Tube, which has some great fitness videos and they're all FREE!

What are you favourite 'at-home' workouts?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wishlist: Home Edition September 2013

This month I thought I’d do a home decor Wishlist post as I have found some great websites and would happily buy everything they sell. I managed to pick a few favourite items though to add to my wishlist…

I really like the look of a small string of bunting inside the home and think this colourway would be perfect in our (almost finished) guest bedroom. Now to convince the husband!

Again I think these would work well in our guest room with the striped wall. Not sure what I would put in these but for now they will just look pretty on the floating shelves. They also come in monochrome and a lovely blush and cream colourway.

These wire baskets come in several sizes and you can even purchase solid wooden lids to turn them into practical side tables with storage from the same website. I have added the black version to my list but there is an equally gorgeous blush colour, which I am toying over too. No idea where this would go in the house but I really like it.

This world map poster has a gorgeous vintage feel to it and would look lovely in a distressed frame. I think this might be another guest room item to add to the list. I love the idea of having maps framed on the walls as they offer so much more than simple prints and I could stare at them for hours.

This sorting/document tray is going to be perfect for the new built in floating desk we have had fitted in the lounge. I want to keep the look of the pieces we style the desk with quite industrial and parted down and this will fit in perfectly.

Mercury glass is quickly becoming one of my favourite materials and, whilst I am not the biggest fan of hearts or anything too girly, this will be perfect for holding earrings and necklaces on my bedside table/night stand. At the moment I am using a scented candle to store these, meaning I can’t light the candle so this will come in handy as well and looking cute and matching the decor in our master bedroom.

These posters are really cute. Again, no idea where they would go at the moment but we’re planning to re-do the stairs and hallway at some point and I know my husband loves the idea of having frames going all the way up the stairs so I might suggest these. For those wondering, J and K are our initials.

What's on your home decor wishlist this month?

Katie xx
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