Friday, 28 August 2009

Product Review: Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bar

So I mentioned in the tag post that I've just started using the Lush Ultimate Shine solid shampoo bar and thought I'd do a little mini-post about it.

Ultimate Shine

Now I have naturally strawberry blonde hair that's neither red nor blonde so I dye it with permanent colour at home to make me more of an auburn, Lilly Cole-esque colour. As a rule my colour washes out fairly quickly being red but this shampoo bar has been lightening the colour too!

Now don't get me wrong I'm loving the soft, silky, shiny effect it gives but not sure if I can afford the extra colouring using may necessitate eek!

Bought Lush Seanik solid shampoo bar at the same time on an offer with a free tin so might switch to this for the time being and see if this keeps my colour longer.

Have you tried either of these? Have you found the same thing?

Monday, 24 August 2009

What I'm using right now: August 2009

After seeing this tab on Lollipop26's blog I thought I'd get my two penneth in as well.

Shampoo: Lush Ultimate Shine shampoo bar. Until now I've strictly been a liquid shampoo girl but after watching lots of videos on YouTube especially from the lovely MakeupbytiffanyD I decided to give it a whirl and it's great. OK so it has faded my auburn dye a little but it lives up to its name in the shine stakes.

Conditioner: Managed to find a really cheap pot of Redken Colour Extend mask on eBay so had to snap it up but usually it's off to Boots for some Tresemme or the new V05 elixirs they smell yum!

Styling products: Again snapped up a bargainous Redken Colour Extend recharge spray on eBay. Also love the V05 straightening balm and their heat protection spray.

Shower gel: It's got to be Foam burst Gel. It clogs my pipes and most of it ends up on the floor of the shower but it makes me feel like I'm at a foam party in every shower.

Body moisturiser: Still a fan of Bio Oil though now the weather's getting colder I do prefer a richer cream...something like Palmer's Cocoa Butter. The boy thinks I smell of Ferrero Rocher with this on sweet!

Deodorant: Sure Crystal. I've had to change my work clothes at the last minute too many times due to white marks so always go back to this.

Fake tan: Just run out of Ambre Solaire dry body mist so have gone back to the gradual tan moisturiser that Loreal do. I use the one for medium to dark skin (even though my skin is almost as grey as an elephant) and I get a great result after one application. The only downside is that awful fake tan smell.

Cleanser: Simple cleansing wipes then Avene facial wash gel in light. Love this stuff. Also use their mattifying toner and their day cream in light. Get it from larger Boots stores, highly recommended.

Exfoliator: Bought The Sanctuary muslin facial cloths from Boots and just used with the aforementioned facial wash. Really gets rid of every last scrap of make up and smoothes the skin around my nose and chin where I usually get break outs. Can't recommend enough!

Primer: Bought the mattifying primer from the new Loreal Studio Secrets range and I'm liking it. If nothing else it makes my foundation go on a little smoother on my nose and forehead where I apply but only keeps shine at bay until about lunchtime but still worth a go. Also use Mac paint pot in Soft Ochre under a dream!

Foundation brush: Tend to use good old fingers for this but have just purchased the new Loreal Studio Secrets HD foundation. The foundation is not great (i.e. too light on the old coverage) but the brush is good so might try this with my Mac and report back.

Concealer: Have several for all my problem areas *eek* so still have a little of Rimmel's clear complexion concealer that it good for a 'live' spot. Then have the Mac liquid concealer for under eyes and round the nose. This is nowhere near as good as touche eclat so will probably go back to that.

Powder: As I have quite a ruddy complexion *thanks Dad!* I use a mineral powder foundation over my liquid base and at the moment I'm using up the Maybelline version but also have some Neutrogena mineral powder on hold (another eBay bargain only available in the US boooo!).

Blusher: Due to the above mentioned ruddy cheeks I don't really need a blusher and just use a light bronzer to contour. At the moment I'm still loving the Prestige dupe of the Mac MSF's. I've got the lightest bronze version. Also a good eyeshadow.

Highlighter: Mac strobe cream is good for a night out but tend to stay as matte as possible in the daytime.

Eyeshadows: Depends on the day of the week and the colour of the outfit. Love Mac for highly pigmented highlighting shadows such as Dazzlelight (the current favourite), also love Loreal for their metallics and E.L.F mineral shadows have a great texture and pigmentation for the price. Bargain!

Eyeliner: Although I've tried Mac fluidline and love them for nights out I keep switching between Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner and Loreal as they both have pointed sponge applicators rather than those piddly little brushes that are hard to work with and stay put all day. Plus as I wear eyeliner everyday *i.e. boring!* I can't justify using Mac all the time.

Curler: Have v curly hair and lashes to match thank goodness as curlers scare me!

Mascara: Another Rimmel product (what a drug store girl I am). Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara. It has a combination of short bristles and combs so every lash gets coated and no clumps...gosh I sound like Lilly Cole!

Lipstick: Not really a lipstick person but I do love Mac Plink and the gloss in Flourabundance. Also have Gosh Darling but unless my lips are in really good condition it just highlights all the flaws!

Nail colour: Anything with a super fast drying formula especially Collection 2000 (yes that brand from the 90's!) Dynasty and Button Moon (see next post for details of these polishes). Maybelline also do a good range of fast drying formulas but thanks to eBay I am now a hardened OPI devotee and am also very excited to try the Zoya matte nail polish after pay day.

Anyone tried anything I've suggested? Tell me what you're loving right now!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Nail of the Day: The perfect nude polish combo


So for ages I was looking for the perfect nude nail polish. I'd flick through the pages of Look and Glamour issue after issue seeing celeb after celeb with perfectly 'cured nude nails *swoon* and couldn't find a polish that gave a good coverage.

I tried Essie...Dior...Nars you name it and probably wasted about 50 British pounds on my quest.

Then whilst watching one of Lollipop26's haul videos I was shown the light...OPI Bare it all in Trafalgar Square. Perfect nude colour to match my almost grey skin tone and great coverage after just two coats.

So after wearing it for a few weeks on and off I came to the conclusion that even thoguh this is in fact the perfect nude shade it does look a little flat sometimes. A tad more zing methinks...bring out Dior Porcelain. One of the previously mentioned ill fated nude polish attempts is resurrected from the flames.

The Dior over the OPI gives a fabulous pinky, shimmery nude colour *yum!*.
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