Friday, 14 August 2009

Nail of the Day: The perfect nude polish combo


So for ages I was looking for the perfect nude nail polish. I'd flick through the pages of Look and Glamour issue after issue seeing celeb after celeb with perfectly 'cured nude nails *swoon* and couldn't find a polish that gave a good coverage.

I tried Essie...Dior...Nars you name it and probably wasted about 50 British pounds on my quest.

Then whilst watching one of Lollipop26's haul videos I was shown the light...OPI Bare it all in Trafalgar Square. Perfect nude colour to match my almost grey skin tone and great coverage after just two coats.

So after wearing it for a few weeks on and off I came to the conclusion that even thoguh this is in fact the perfect nude shade it does look a little flat sometimes. A tad more zing methinks...bring out Dior Porcelain. One of the previously mentioned ill fated nude polish attempts is resurrected from the flames.

The Dior over the OPI gives a fabulous pinky, shimmery nude colour *yum!*.

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