Sunday, 11 July 2010

Product Review: Blixz Nail Stickers

I've been meaning to do this post for ages. Sorry for the lack of posts recently...there's no excuse other than a self-imposed spending ban due to upcoming nuptials.

So I saw on one of Miss Selfridge's facebook posts that they were going to be stocking the Blixz nail stickers. Jumped on ebay instead to see if they were cheaper. Simple search revealed I could pick them up for £9...bargain I thought!

Here's what they looked like in the packaging...

Pretty easy to apply. One end of each sticker is curved to fit snuggly against your cuticle. You may need to narrow some of them but that's easy too with a pair of pointed ended nail scissors. Them you just fold the excess over so it'd touching your fingertip and file off. Here's the end result...

The effect lasted for about 3 days, which I was a little disappointed by. The ends that you file off start to lift and catch on clothes etc.

Overall though these were a great purchase and would be great for a big night out or fancy dress.

Have you tried any other nail stickers or foils? Any recommendations?


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