Friday, 30 July 2010

Product Review: Stila One Step Makeup

Got this bad boy from eBay after seeing the review from lovely You Tuber xsparkage. Stila isn't the easiest brand to find in the UK and since Debenhams did their clear out there are no easy outlets (not in Manchester anyhoo!).

Super quick eBay searched showed up some bargainous listings including P&P so I picked this up for around £9 in total.

Was very intrigued by the "no need for separate foundation, concealer and powder concept" and after a week of using this I have a few positives and negatives.

One big positive for me is the pump applicator (above). Very little danger of pouring out too much like with good old Revlon Colourstay and more hygienic even if it's just in my head.

The formula is almost a liquid to powder texture and, whilst is does last and stay pretty much shine free all day, is a bit of a pain to apply both with a foundation brush and fingers. It is also really thick like a paste so can just fall off the brush when you're not looking :(

So overall this is a good foundation and definitely worth a try for the novelty factor. Enjoy!

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