Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Make Up: New Storage!

So since I started watching make up videos on You Tube my make up collection has grown about three fold and was starting to take over my bedroom and my lounge (where I do my face!).

The other day whilst taking a short cut through Clas Ohlson, which is like a mini B&Q or Home Depot, I spotted a little storage If you don't have store near you, you can buy it here.

There are 25 small drawers, two medium and one large at the bottom. The unit is perfect for make up as the depth is quite deep so you can fit pencils etc. in all of the drawers lengthways (if that makes sense).

So far I have eye shadows in the top 10 drawers, mascaras, eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, paint pots and pigments in the third set of 5, concealers, primers and highlights in the third set of 5 and lip glosses, lipsticks and lip liners in the last set of 5.

I then have blush, contour and eyebrow products in the left-hand medium drawer and face products (foundations, setting powders) in the right-hand medium drawer.

The bottom drawer has some of the palettes I use the most and some Mac brush cleanser in a little spray bottle.

This only cost about £15...bargain in my book especially since the Muji sotorage (example empty) is so expensive. It looks so pretty though aahhh...

What are your storage tips?

BB x

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