Thursday, 13 January 2011

Make-up: 2010 - The year of foundations

In 2010 I tried all year to find the right foundation for my incredibly pale, uneven, combination skin.

Ideally it would be long lasting, high coverage and keep the shine at bay whilst also being available in a pale enough shade. Picky? Me?

Here is the selection I tried over the course of the year....

From left to right we have:

- MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15
- Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +
- Revlon Colourstay Ivory
- Revlon Photoready Vanille
- Stila One Step lightest shade

Sadly for my purse and sanity these are only the products that made the cut and still get used regularly in rotation. There were also a few products that weren't right from the start (Revlon Colourstay 'mousse' anyone?).

Of the above my favourite has to be the MAC. It gives great coverage, stays pretty matte all day and lasts. The only downside for pal complexions like me is that the lightest shade is just a tad too dark. This isn't an issue if you don't mind blending it down to your neck each day but forget and you get the dreaded two-tone combo...bad memories!

Another notable mention should go to the Stila One Step. I got thus on eBay since Stila pulled out of all but online sales here in the UK and I'm glad I did. Thus foundation claims to rid you of the need for primer and concealer and it does give great coverage. The two downsides are that it doesn't quite 'set', even with a generous dusting of powder. Also it runs at nearly £30. I picked this up for £21 on eBay so check there first if you want to give this a try.

That's enough from me, except to say I think the Mat Velvet + may be the next one to go. Very dry looking and not the coverage I expected.

What were your favourite foundations of 2010? Do you agree/disagree with anything I've said?


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  1. Have you tried Collection 2000's lasting perfection foundation. Lasts all day, gives great coverage and dirt cheap!

  2. It's 2011 by now *however* I have your same problem. I have a fair, dry skin whose tone is neutral - so all that MAC stuff just is either too pink or too yellow (more often than not LOL). I however did find my perfect color match in Yves Saint Laurent Teint Resist 01 (it's the lightest shade they make). The second closest is True Match N1. The only problem they both have is the non-existent coverage. So I'm still trying to hunt down something better. Maybe Shiseido Lifting Foundation SPF 16....


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