Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nails: First UV Gel Manicure

For a few months now there has been a lot of talk on blogs and You Tube about gel/shellac manicures. They involve a gel, thicker than a standard nail polish, being painted onto the nails and cured/dried under a UV lamp.

The main benefit of this type of manicure is that it claims to last up to 3 weeks! This is massively appealing to me as normal nail polish starts to chip off my nails after literally a few hours no matter which brand, colour or top coat I use.

I really wanted to try this out before the wedding as I don't want to worry about my nails whilst doing the final finishing touches to the wedding look. With this in mind I went for a nude, flesh-toned colour that would hopefully compliment both my skin tone and my ivory dress. Here's the result...

I really like the colour as I have really pale, pink toned skin and this colour is a peachy toned nude so doesn't make me look sallow.

My only criticisms about this manicure so far (after having it done yesterday afternoon) are that fluff and dust have already started to collect around my cuticles due to the gel being so thick (ew!) and there is already a gap between the gel and one of my thumb nails. I think this is due to how thick my nails are.

Let's see how long it lasts!

I had the soft gel manicure at Urban Retreat in Harvey Nics Manchester using Bio Sculpture Gel and it cost around £30 (pricey). I am now very tempted to buy my own lamp and gel kit on eBay, which costs around the same amount. Watch this space for an update!


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