Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Life: Wedding Dress Second Thoughts?

Our original wedding plan was to get married in Central Park in New York half way through our honeymoon. After some changes (for reasons that I will explain later) we have now booked our new wedding for August bank holiday weekend in good old Manchester.

How is this related to the title of the post? Well, due to the small scale of the original wedding (6 people including us!) I felt like I needed to buy my dress etc. really early just to have something to do. Whilst I love the dress I chose I'm now having second thoughts and really like this one...

This is the Emmeline by Ver Wang, which I'd live to be able to afford but will hopefully get a very close version inspired by the above. Once I have both dresses side by side hopefully I should be able to decide.

I can't believe how Bridezilla it sounds having two wedding dresses but seriously I have so far been the most laid back bride to be. All if the other elements of the outfit will remain the same whichever dress I wear so that kind of makes up for the two dresses thing. No? I convinced myself there for a minute...

More updates when I receive the new dress


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