Monday, 11 November 2013

Favourites: You Tubers Edition November 2013

I am an avid watcher of You Tube videos, as I'm sure many of you are too. I first got into You Tube back in 2008-ish when I started watching Lollipop26, who now blogs over at Buy Now, Blog Later.

From there I discovered the ever-growing group of beauty gurus who I subscribe to and who persuade me to part with my hard-earned cash each month on the latest launch.

So without further are my favourite You Tubers at the moment.(Note: I have tried not to include the obvious channels that we all watch and love. I'm talking about you Pixiwoo! So here are some that you might not have heard of)

Essie is a Canadian beauty blogger/vlogger living in London. Her videos are really relaxed and natural and she really makes me laugh with her 'hot diggidy' style.

She covers a range of high end and drugstore brands in her videos and her recent 'Brand Focus' series is one to watch.


I have been watching Tiffany almost since she started You Tube in 2008. She is a beauty blogger and make-up artist from Altanta in the US.

Her hauls, monthly favourites and reviews are some of my favourites to watch and she is very relaxed in front of the camera. I also love her home decor-related blog posts and of course her gorgeous Golden Retriever Waylon (cute!).


Voussontbeauetbelle is the channel of Becca. She's an 18 year old fashion and beauty blogger from the UK. Becca comes across as so much older than her 18 years and is a drugstore make-up and Primark fanatic.

Her regular Primark hauls have recently led to her featuring on the newly launched UK Primark website and many shopping trips on my part!

So, there you have it. Hopefully this post has introduced you to a few new people to watch on You Tube.

Who else do you watch?

Katie xx

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